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Technical Innovation

ZTEPInnovation and R&DTechnical Innovation

ZTEP focuses on its own capacity-building, and constantly improves innovation, research and development capabilities and engineering design contracting capacity. The experience and conditions of hazardous waste disposal and integrated resource utilization technology development, engineering application, design, construction and operation management have been improved continuously, which will promote hazardous waste slag disposal and integrated resource utilization technology and related technology research, the popularization and application of technology engineering and industrialization, and also promote progress in major environmental scientific and technological achievements of nationwide hazardous waste disposal. Taking rotary kiln incineration technology of hazardous waste as priority, we actively develop new technology and equipment for hazardous waste incineration and integrated utilization with independent intellectual property rights which are suitable for localization, and realize the safe disposal and integrated utilization of hazardous waste. Due to the advanced nature and practicability of technology and the enormous economic and social benefits in environmental protection, hazardous waste rotary kiln incineration technology has won the prize of "2012 National Key New Products", won the third prize of Annual Environmental Technology Progress. Currently the patents ZTEP has been authorized or has accepted reach more than 60 items.

Because of the advancement and practicability of the hazardous waste slag rotary kiln technology, while focusing on promoting the innovation and progress of the slag incineration technology, we also carry on different degrees of technical guidance and support for the subsidiaries as relying construction units. For instance, assist Changshou hazardous waste disposal plant in applying for the state-level "Hazardous Waste Management Unit" qualification issued by the Environmental Protection Department smoothly, and successfully complete the implementation of "Sodium Azide Disposal Project"; Assist Bishan hazardous waste disposal plant in overcoming the "change treatment process of external liquid disposal" project successfully. While improving disposal and management level of hazardous waste disposal plant, economic benefits of disposal plant has also been improved significantly through the measures such as technological progress, process optimization, energy saving and emission reduction.