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Hazardous Incineration Equipment and Engineering

ZTEPBusiness SystemHazardous Incineration Equipment and Engineering

Our technical advantage

Adopt molten slag (melting) incineration technology with wide adaptability of material and handle complicated material combination.
Stable operation, high reliability, long constant operating hours, few shut down times, high operation efficiency and energy saving.
High incineration temperature, entire waste incineration, non-toxic and harmless incineration residues with comprehensive utilization of resources, and strict emission control has made multiple sets of equipment to reach Euro Emission Standard (EC2000).
Based on waste knowledge and deep understanding of incineration character, master rich configuration experience, make optimized configuration plan, reduce fuel consumption and save cost.
With advanced technology and management system, control drug and energy consumption & labor cost effectively, enhance equipment constant operation hours, extend the lifespan of equipment and lower down use cost of equipment.
Adopt advanced foreign technology and standard, combine maximum local manufacture and procurement, and save project investment cost for the client maximally. 40-50% investment cost equivalent to similar foreign equipment can own incinerator system with same function and quality.
Germany Doosan Lentjes can provide technical guidance for project design and construction if necessary. Suez Nantong project is the first project cooperated by Doosan Lentjes and Chinese Enterprise and applied with advanced international experience.
ZTEP has designed and constructed more than 20 hazardous waste projects in China and part of business and projects are introduced as followings:


Chengdu Project (Disposal capacity: 30Ton/d)


Shaoguan Project (Disposal capacity: 30Ton/d)


Henan Project (Disposal capacity: 30Ton/d)


Qinghai Project (Disposal capacity: 20Ton/d)


Nanjing Project (Disposal capacity: 60Ton/d)


Shanxi Project (Disposal capacity: 20Ton/d)


Yancheng Project (Disposal capacity: 30Ton/d)


Zhenjiang Project (Disposal capacity: 30Ton/d)


Changshou Project (Disposal capacity: 50Ton/d)


Chongqing Urban Project (Disposal capacity: 50Ton/d)


Suez Nantong Project (Disposal capacity: 100Ton/d)


                    Tongnan Project (Disposal capacity: 120Ton/d) under construction