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No.16 Huijin Road, Liangjiang New District, Chongqing


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Enterprise Core Values

Resources are the basis of human survival and development. Pure consumption will accelerate exhaustion of resources and lead to the collapse of all civilization. The final goal of Xin Zhongtian is to form endless resource recycling through cultural and technical development.

We not only aim to protect the environment, but also create new resource.

Adhering to the Five Ethnical Norms (benevolence, justice, ceremony, wisdom and credibility) of Confucianism, Xin Zhongtian conducts its behavior in principal of "be sincere, be professional", and strikes together to provide service for customer in harmonious and trustable atmosphere through same values and notion.

Vision of Xin Zhongtian

Meet the requirement of customers in industrial waste integration treatment filed, provide the tailored-designed optimized integrated solution and create value for customers to the extent.

In order to become an excellent supplier of integrated waste management, we only focus on industrial waste treatment and utilization. In constant pursuit of service promotion and technology diversified development, we aim to be long term and trustful partner for customers.