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International Cooperation

ZTEPCOOP&DEVInternational Cooperation

In cooperation with Germany's largest environmental protection enterprise Remondis, incineration process control, material configuration, emission indicators control, efficiency improvement, energy conservation and etc. technical level and talent training system have been significantly improved to reach the leading domestic level.

Xin Zhongtian State Engineering Technology Centre has united with a batch of 985 key universities such as Tsinghua University, Chongqing University and scientific research institutions and has realized integrated cooperation of production, research and training.

Xin Zhongtian has cooperated with Chongqing Boteng Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Stock Co., Ltd (the biggest listed waste solvent pharmaceutical manufacturer in Shangshou economic technology development zone) and has founded a professional waste solvent recycling company-Chongqing Tianbo Environment Protection Co., Ltd.