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Xin Zhongtian NCIPTianyu is invited to attend Annual Conference of China Society For Environment Sciences

Release time: 2017-08-07 Content source:Xin Zhongtian NCIPTianyu

2017 Annual Conference of CEES Ecological and Natural Protection Division is hold in Urumqi, Xin Jiang between July 26th and July 28th. General manager Chen Xixian and Dr. Yan Li from technical department of NCIP Tianyu Solid Waste Disposal Co., Ltd. (herein referred to as NCIP Tianyu) as a sharing company of Xin Zhongtian are invited to attend the annual conference.

Chen Xixian makes a special report of Hazardous Waste Incineration Facility Construction and Reference Analysis with detailed introduction to key components such as hazardous waste plant construction process, plant selection and process route, and he also highlights Xin Zhongtian complete hazardous waste utilization, disposal chain, high temperature melting rotary kiln technology and application status in domestic. The report wins high attention and good appraisal by the participating experts and leaders.

During annual conference, the leader and its accompany of NCIP Tianyu also participate in Special Communication Meeting hold by Solid Waste Centre of Xinjiang Environment Protection Bureau (herein referred as Solid Waste Centre). Director Chen Chunmei of Solid Waste Centre says, "Xinjiang outputs large capacity of oil sludge waste, and there is large gap between plant construction and operation level compared with domestic developed area. Professional enterprise such as Xin Zhongtian is warmly welcomed to build plant in Xinjiang and improve hazardous waste disposal capacity in Xinjiang."

The annual conference has further improved enterprise image of Xin Zhongtian. Especially Xin Zhongtian has shown its strong capacity in consultation, management operation service, hazardous waste management service, and integrated resource utilization chain to the leaders of Xinjiang.